Getting plant materials from one state to another state

Oxalis corniculata by Joaquim F. P.

TheGardenLady recently received a request from a stranger who said he is a research chemist studying the benefits of Yellow Sorrel (Oxalis Corniculata). He requested some dried yellow sorrel to do this research.

Yellow Sorrel is considered a noxious weed in many people’s gardens, but is considered a herbal remedy by those who believe in the use of herbal medicines.  TheGardenLady would never recommend taking any plant unless it was a known food or a medicine recommended by your physician. I hope that some of these folk medicines would be studied in greater depth in the hopes that modern pharmacopoeia could use them. But until I have medical recommendations, TheGardenLady would NEVER suggest folk medicine remedies for  use. And the FDA seems to imply that Oxalis Corniculata may be toxic.

TheGardenLady was suspicious when the person requested that the dried weed be sent to him in California. Any scientist should know that it is illegal to send plant material through the mail or bring it into the state with you when you travel or move. I believe that California laws are quite stringent about this. (see here).  Here is what the law says: “contact your local Agricultural authorities regarding any regulations regarding the importation of dried plant material” brought into the state.  Professional growers must also have licenses to send plant material into different states. (see here)  Weeds may become even more invasive in the state or country it is being sent to or it might contain pests that can cause major agricultural problems. (see here)

So, if Mr. Toebes or anyone wants to get plant material into a different state, please contact your local Agricultural Extension office and work through the other states Extension offices before requesting it online. (see here) Good luck and let us learn about your research publications.

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