Decorating Wreaths Made Out of Vines

Wreath Closeup by kimncris

In the last post, TheGardenLady talked about making wreaths out of vines.  In this post, TheGardenLady is going to say a little about decorating the vines for your wreaths.

To decorate the vines, you can also harvest plant material that is still in your yard. The brown dried flowers of the hydrangea are good as are seeds of plants like sumac. Or you can buy dried material or silk flowers from a craft store to fill in the vines for more color. And don’t forget the pretty ribbon.

Allen Smith shows how he decorates a grape wreath.

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Creating Wreaths from Vines

Dried Flower & Grape Vine Wreath by Tobyotter

A pretty wreath can be created from vines.

Various vines will work, but be sure that you don’t use poison ivy vine. Remember that poison ivy vine is hairy. If it is hairy, be wary and don’t use.

If you have your own property or have a friend with a property that has wild grape vines growing on it, you will have no problem making wreaths. Grape vines can be a very economical way of making wreaths for the holiday season, wreaths that will last a long time.

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Lori Rubel’s Georgia Vines

TheGardenLady likes to write about nurseries or gardens that sell interesting plants; and if these places can save readers money in this economy, that is an added bonus. One such gardening resource is Georgia Vines What is unique about Georgia Vines is that their emphasis is on selling vines- and many of these vines are very unusual.

The owner of Georgia Vines is Lori Rubel who says that her passion is vines. She said that because she only had an ” urban backyard to work with, I decided many years ago to collect vines because I could grow them vertically and save room.” When Lori moved to Georgia from her home in upstate NY, she discovered “Passiflora- which is something that I could have never grown in upstate NY.” The more vines she got, the more she found were available. ” Lori says that she now has a large collection of about 140 different types of vines. Lori, who loves beauty, became interested in rare and unusual vines as well as other unusual plants. On her website she says “This is my garden of vines, angel trumpets, butterfly plants, and just about everything beautiful and unusual that I am able to find and plant.”

Because all gardeners love to share their passion with others, a couple of years ago Lori was encouraged by her grown sons to set up a website and share the vines and her passion and knowledge of vines with others.

And what makes Lori’s Georgia Vines a place to save money is that she sells many of the vines and plants as seeds but does NOT charge for postage anywhere in the US. (She does have a small international postage fee.) And many of the potted plants have no postage charge.

If you fall in love with any of the rare plants on the Georgia Vines site and want to order them, be sure that the plants will grow in your area (see here).