TheGardenLady’s 2018 New Years Resolution: Become More Vegan

It is 2018, TheGardenLady hopes your New Year’s resolutions includes gardening.

Catalogs are arriving in my mailbox and my wish is that I could add more vegetables to my garden. Living on a wooded property means that there is limited space for sun-loving plants, especially vegetables. Most of the sun in this garden is near the street. I am afraid of growing anything edible near this street where there is exhaust from the cars that drive by.

Because this GardenLady is trying to go vegan, I would love to grow and eat my own vegetables.

Why is this GardenLady trying to go vegan? More and more evidence is that a plant-based diet is the healthiest diet one can be on. But more important than my health is the health of our wonderful planet. There is more and more evidence that animal agriculture is polluting and causing harm to our environment.

TheGardenlady knows how difficult it is, in our meat-based culture, to become a vegan. However, with the growing global population, according to scientists, there may soon be so many people living that there will not be enough food to go around if we continue raising and feeding so many animals for food.

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Toast in the New Year with Egg-Free Eggnog

eggnog (gluten free and vegan)by elana’s pantry

To all my readers- all my long time readers of  TheGardenLady blog and new readers, young of heart and old of spirit readers, TheGardenLady wishes you all a happy, healthy New Year with wonderful, successful gardening in 2013.

May I offer a toast to all with my favorite nonfattening, nonalcoholic, egg-free eggnog.
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