Searching for the perfect garden hose

Garden Hose by MoHotta18

I wish I could use a drip hose. I think drip hoses are the best for two main reasons. One is that the water goes where you want it without wasting water through evaporation or spraying overhead water on plants that don’t like overhead watering. The second is that once you lay out the configuration of the hoses, you do not have to do anything more than turn on the water.

But my property does not allow for drip hoses. So I have to buy regular hoses. And the strange way my property is, I have to buy longer and longer hoses to reach all the plants on my uniquely shaped garden.

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Gardening Tools

Old garden rake used as a tool rack by ozhaggishead

People who enjoy gardening might enjoy receiving a gift of good quality gardening tools. Or you might want to treat yourself to some quality tools like pruning shears or a folding saw. Where does one shop to be assured of a quality product that won’t fall apart after a few years of use?

on the potting bench by Daisy’s Little Cottage

Well, many years ago a horticulturist told me about Florian gardening products.  So that is what TheGardenLady bought. Florian manufactures their products in the US. This is an American company that manufactures in the states. I like to buy Made in America products whenever I can. Florian gives a life-time guarantee for their products. This is also something greatly appreciated. And every year Florian has a booth at the Philadelphia Flower Show where they sharpen your tools free of charge. TheGardenLady and friends take our shears to the show every year where they are sharpened- no questions asked. I have their ratchet type hand pruner that is easy to use and makes a nice cut. TheGardenLady has no vested interest in telling you this. I just like to rave about a good product.

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