Topiary PowerPoint Presentation


TheGardenLady received an amazing PowerPoint presentation of topiaries, but doesn’t know who created it and would like to give credit for it.   Click this praxim1.pps,  hit open and then enjoy.

Does anyone know the location of these topiaries?

Does anyone know other photos of great garden sites?

Making a Garden Bed when there is Sod


TheGardenLady received this question from Karen Meadows:

How do you layer over sod to make a garden bed?

To make a garden where one has sod, you must remove all the sod just as you would have to remove any type of grass. This can be back breaking work.  A slow, easier approach would be to layer over the area with several layers of black and white (no color) newspaper that you cover with a deep layer of mulch.  This approach can take up to a year to work. Either way the directions for getting rid of sod are on this DIY website.

When you have finished this task – removing all roots and stones - take a sample of the soil (as one would where ever one is making a garden) and have the soil tested. You can either buy your own soil testing kit or take the kit to your local Master Gardener office or your Agricultural Extension office where they will have it tested.  When the test results are in, follow directions for amending the soil for the type of garden you wish to make. You should also always amend the soil with compost.