Why Plant Leaves Fold

folded leaf spider nest by mycocortex

TheGardenLady received this question from Jim.

I believe my snake plant is underwatered. The leaves are folding in half length-wise. I have probably underwatered in fear of overwatering. Any suggestions for bringing my snake plant back without overwatering it?

Snake plant or Sansevieria is a tough plant that has few pests. But it does have some pests. My guess, and it can only be a guess because I cannot examine your plant, is that you are not under watering your plant but that your plant may have some pests.

When you have plants indoors, the environment is not what the plant is used to; so a plant can be stressed much more than it would be if it were growing outside in its natural environment. The stress might be from your not giving the plant the minimum amount of water that it needs. I water my  Sansevieria plants just a few times when it is indoors during cold weather and they are perfectly healthy. However, if I felt the plant were under watered, I would give it a drink- which I hope you have done for your plants.  Whatever is stressing your plant and whenever your plant gets stressed, it becomes less resistant to problems. Therefore your plant might become vulnerable to some insects pests. The three main insect pests of the Sansevieria plant are 1) the Vine Weevil grub, 2) mealy bugs or 3) spider mites.

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Mini Sansevieria – aka – Dwarf Mother-In-Law Plant

Sansevieria mini Collection by Arzamitra
Sansevieria mini Collection by Arzamitra

TheGardenLady received this question from Segunda.

I want to know if there is a mother-in-law (mini or bond) plant? If so, please let me know were I can get it?

There are numerous different Sansevieria plants aka Snake plant or Mother-in-Law Tongue and some of them are dwarf.  A good website that talks about Sansevieria trifasciata is this.   Also check out S.trifasciata ‘hahnii jade dwarf’ or S. trifasciata ‘hahnii swirls’ or S.trifasciata ‘jade dwarf Marginated’ or sansevieria ‘dwarf laurentii’. Look at this more complete list of Sanseviereas where you might find other Sansevierias that meet your requirements of a mini plant.

eBay advertises that they sell dwarf sansevieria as does this site.