The Rose Parade is Struggling Financially

Rose parade 2010 Pasadena, Calif. by Sunriserjay

In the last post TheGardenLady wrote a post about she’d love to see the Rose Parade in California.  I just read in the Nov. 28th issue of the NYTimes that because of the economy and municipal budget cuts, the Rose Parade is being threatened.

I felt sickened to read that this symbol of the hopes for the New Year, this parade that has been a tradition in California for decades, is struggling because of finances. I hope that I can one day fulfill my dream of seeing this Rose Parade. The article also said that Fiesta Parade Floats company, one of the finest float creators, is laying off people.

I for one hope that the Rose Parade continues; that they never stop having this parade. It will still be held this year. But I wish that this wonderful tradition remains viable for future generations to behold.

Because the parade, normally scheduled for New Year’s Day, is never held on a Sunday, and this year New Year’s Day is on Sunday, this year the parade it will take place on Monday, Jan. 2.  See here.

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The Rose Parade in California

Rose parade 2010 Pasadena, Calif. by Sunriserjay

A dream of this GardenLady has been to one day go to the Rose Parade in California. It sounds like the most beautiful parade in the world. I want to see in real time so many flowers floating by in one parade; how floats can even by made of flowers. This is one parade, I believe, that seeing on TV can do justice to it.

horn of plenty by donielle

A master maker of rose parade floats is Fiesta Parade Floats (see here), a company that has a “67 percent winning rate for their floats averaged over the past twenty years”. I would love to be a volunteer working on one of their floats.

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