Garden Themed Presents for the Holidays

Cachepot by HORM Design

Are you looking for unique or unusual presents for the holidays? This GardenLady has a few suggestions. I love the items that are not necessarily sold in the malls. And you know that TheGardenLady loves local items whenever that is possible especially because it supports the economy. So you will be able to find gifts in your location. And since it helps in these harsh economic times if the prices are reasonable, the shopping for gift suggestions are going to have modest price tags.

The first suggestion is to check out your local nurseries for presents. Many small nurseries not only have plants and flowers for the holidays, (And what could be nicer than a pretty new poinsettia for Christmas or a bouquet with blue and white flowers for Hanukah?) but also these nurseries often have surprising and unusual gifts. One of my favorites, Ambleside Nursery in NJ has the most delightful gifts.  I think I can often do my entire holiday shopping at Ambleside Nursery. For example, they have the most extraordinary creche sets from around the world. And their Christmas tree ornaments have been among the most unusual ones that I have ever seen. One year I bought little mice ornaments for gifts. I eagerly look forward to seeing what surprises they have this year.

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