Trade Secrets at Little Rock Farm

formal garden by jahansell

The weekend that this Garden Lady chose to visit Connecticut was based on the weekend when an event called Trade Secrets was being held. Trade Secrets, a two day weekend event was created as a charity to benefit the local Women’s Support Services that is trying to eliminate domestic violence and abuse of women in their area. I was told they help women both in Connecticut and New York.

According to Amnesty International, 1 in 3 women across the world is abused. WSS literature said that in 2001 Trade Secrets “was developed as an annual garden antique and rare plant sale with the help of community member Bunny Williams and her head gardener and former WSS Board member, Naomi Blumenthal.” Since TheGardenLady had only heard rave reviews of Trade Secrets that was designed for garden lovers and knew how beautiful that part of Connecticut is, she asked a friend to join her. Off we went not knowing what to expect.

Well, now I have to add my rave review. Trade Secrets exceeded my expectations! My friend and I cannot wait until next year to return.

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