Peppermint: The Invasive Herb

Peppermint by Jim-AR
Peppermint by Jim-AR

TheGardenLady received this question from Dan.

I have question about dead transplant. While transplanting some baby peppermint plants one of them got their tops broken off. I was wondering if the plant is technically dead or will it sprout new leaves around the base of the stem/root? The roots and stem is still strong 1 week later, but there are not leaves still.

Mints can be one of the most invasive herbs. Not only do they seem to multiply rapidly, they seem to send runners far from where they were planted. Peppermints are no exception. So even if you broke the tops while transplanting, if the roots are still healthy when you transplant it, the peppermint will send forth new tops.

One of the ways to propagate peppermint is from root cuttings. Spring is an especially good time for transplanting the peppermint when leaves are just emerging. New leaves will come out where the tops broke, be patient.  If anything, you will probably be sorry you didn’t kill it.

A good site on peppermint is this: