Plants That Brighten Up The Dorm Room


TheGardenLady received this question from Chance.

I’m going off to university next school year, and I’d like to grow something in my dorm room (hopefully organically) to brighten things up.  I’d like to have something I can throw on salads or sandwiches and something else that’s a bit bigger (maybe flowering?)  I’m not too hot on having a bunch of vines, though…

TheGardenLady is so pleased to hear from so many college students or college bound students who plan on having plants in their dorm rooms. Nothing can be lovelier.

Because of the questions about appropriate plants that grow in dorm rooms, please let TheGardenLady direct her readers to the archives. Many plants that grow well indoors have been suggested and discussed in earlier posts.

For example What Flowering Plant is Good to Grow in a Dorm Room?. The plants mentioned in this column are favorite indoor plants like Amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus that are easy for the busy student to try.

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