The 2008 New Jersey Flower Show


Photo titled “Mossy” taken at The New Jersey Flower Show - by Corx 

Spring is almost here. So what can garden lovers across the country do before and during spring? Well, one thing is to go to the garden shows in your area or make a destination trip to one of the garden shows in an area of interest. This is the time to see flowers that you might want to grow in your garden or in your home or get landscaping ideas, and it is the best way to get an early taste of spring.

TheGardenLady is remiss in not writing this column earlier because an excellent garden show that TheGardenLady went to was the NJ Flower Show in the Conference Center in Edison, NJ.  TheGardenLady has been going to this show for many years. When I first went to this show I thought it was pathetic. But in the last few years the show has been getting better and better. And this year the show was excellent.

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