Jasminum nudiflorum or Jessamine or Winter Jasmine

Winter jasmine – Winterjasmin (Jasminum nudiflorum) by Maggi_94

Is spring here already? We on the East Coast in Temperature Hardiness Zone 6, have not really had any real winter weather. And now many of the early spring flowers are in bloom or starting to bloom. Should we worry? No one can predict whether a snowstorm will wipe out these early flowers. I hope not.

One of the earliest flowering shrubs, one that I have seen flowering in my area, is Jasmine nudiflorum. It is also listed as Jasminum nudiflorum or Jessamine. The common names are winter jasmine or hardy jasmine. I first saw it blooming on a high overpass in Central Park in Manhattan. On first sighting, I thought it was a rare forsythia because the color of the flower was the same brilliant yellow of the typical forsythia. When I could get close enough, one could see that the flower is not really the same as the forsythia flower.

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