Is This Plant a Dwarf Aloe?

Erica asked TheGardenLady to identify this plant in the photo above and below.

TheGardenLady thinks the plant looks like a miniature or dwarf aloe.  See here.  But which kind is difficult to know. I think it might be Aloe brevifolia. If you bought it at a nursery, see if they know the name of the plant you bought. If not check out some of the websites that sell the dwarf or miniature aloes, like this one.

If any of TheGardenLady readers can accurately identify this plant, let us know.

Identifying Shrubs


Recently a reader of TheGardenLady asked if I could identify some shrubs that grow in her area. TheGardenLady believes she knows the genus of plants they are but is not quite sure of the species. 

Bridalwreath Spiraea by louisa_catlover

The white flowered shrub is in the spirea family. And I believe the species is Spiraea prunifolia. Check out these two sites to see if the photos look like the plant you have seen. See here or here. 


camellia by tamaki

The shrub with the pink flower is in the genus Camellia (see here) which is the largest genus in the plant family Theaceae. One site says that “more than 400 species have been named and published “. I believe the photo you have sent is of a Camellia japonica. But because there are so many, this may not be quite the correct one.  See here. 

Camellia japonica (ヤブツバキ) #5286 by Nemo’s great uncle

Camellia japonica (ツバキ) #5481 by Nemo’s great uncle

If readers of TheGardenLady blog know the correct name of the shrubs, please don’t hesitate to send in your identification.

Sending Photos to TheGardenLady to Identify Plants

Photographer / 写真家 by sakichin

TheGardenLady received this question from Amanda.

I love houseplants and have several.  I have a few that I just can’t seem to find the names of.  Could I email you pics?

TheGardenLady would love to have photos of your plants. Be sure they are clear. More than one photo is preferable: Perhaps a close up of the leaves, a photo of a flower if the plants have flowers, and a photo of the entire plant- as close up as you can get.

Also, if any of TheGardenLady readers can identify the plants, please don’t hesitate to write to TheGardenLady telling us what it is.