9 Last Minute Garden Gifts

Orchids by donsutherland1

It is really last minute to talk about buying last minute presents- especially if you are planning on ordering them on line. But, there is always a way of creating a card in short order telling the recipient that your gift is coming. Better late than never, especially if that gift shows you really thought about the perfect gift for that perfect person. Take a photo of yourself holding some Christmas decoration, print it out with a line or two that says something to the order of: ” Belated gift will be coming. Be on the Lookout for something VERY special.”   You don’t have to tell them that you had thought of getting the gift at the last minute; just mumble that there must have been some shipping snafu. You can always add the line that you wanted to spread out the joy of receiving Christmas gifts for a longer period than just one day of giving. Put your thoughtful card under the tree or in a stocking for the recipient to get on Christmas morning and be the hero.

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Gardening Gifts

Garden Sculpture at Tucson’s Sam Hughes Historic District by UGArdener

The holidays are coming. The perfect gift, that something special, is being searched for in stores. What to buy your gardening friends or ask someone to get for you or when you write to Santa, that is the problem.

Well, the first thing you might think of is a special plant. Generally perennial plants are not really sold at this time of year in local nurseries because the nurseries are filled to the brim with Holiday plants. So consider a plant gift certificate from a favorite nursery.  Cricket Hill, the nursery that sells peonies, says they are giving 10% off if you use Use code GIFT10 at checkout to save 10% off all gift certificates.

How about a nice planter or sculpture for a garden? If you want something that is eco friendly, check out the products on this site.  I like some of their pebble stools. Or how about lighted planters for the garden?
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Great Gardening Gifts for Christmas

Dear Santa,

The holiday season is approaching fast, so shopping has begun with a vengeance. I know that when I give gifts, I want the gift to be the perfect gift for each person; but I want the gift to be a great surprise. I am hoping those who give gifts will also surprise this recipient with the perfect present. So that is why I am writing to you, Dear Santa, in the hopes that you will whisper in the giver’s ear the exact place to shop or item to buy. I am not dreaming of sugarplums. They are fattening. The gifts I dream of would be for the garden. And no, we dreamers cannot afford to buy these things ourselves. Some of these garden items are only sold wholesale. Santa you know that we gardeners have been nice, not naughty. That is why I write to you. Santa, you have the connections.

Santa, here is my short list. I am hoping TheGardenLady blog readers will have other suggestions:

When I was in West Virginia, I met sculptor Joe Foley willfuly@frontier.com 1622 Oakhurst Drive, Charleston v 25314 (304) 542-6999 and saw his Steel Blooming Metal Flowers (see here) I thought one of his unpainted daffodils would fit into my garden very nicely.

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Unique Gift: Create Your Own Rose and Name It

Would you like this rose named for you?

Have you ever wanted to give the perfect gift to someone? Or have you ever wanted to honor someone special in the perfect way?

A group from Princeton, NJ, wrote to TheGardenLady with such a request. They wanted to honor a beloved mayor with a rose named after her. Where could they possibly find a rose breeder who would create a new rose that would be forever known and sold with the name of the person honored?

This is the Jalgoldie rose TheGardenLady would love named after her

TheGardenLady found the perfect rose hybridizer who will create and name this unique gift for you as he has for people like Loretta Lynn and other luminaries.  The rose hybridizer is Brad Jalbert of Select Roses in South Langley, Canada.  Brad has introduced more than 65 new roses to the world rose market (the two photos on this post are of roses that he created).  He has also co-written two books on roses Roses for British Columbia and Roses for Washington and Oregon as well as written many articles for rose bulletins in  Canada and the US.

You can learn more about Brad Langley’s work by going on line to his website and you can visit his large display garden in Langley, British Columbia, which shows and sells high quality garden roses and is a demonstration garden for the Canadian Rose Society.

Select Roses is able to ship only the custom named roses to most countries around the world.

If any readers purchase a rose named for someone special, please let TheGardenLady blog know about it with photos of your unique, new rose and also the name of the new rose with a description of that rose.