Great Gardening Book: Thoughtful Gardening by Robin Lane Fox

This winter has been a great time to curl up with a good book on gardening. I hope Santa Claus or whomever brought you good garden books to read in preparation for your own spring gardening.

For this year’s holidays, my daughter-in-law’s brother gave me the book “Thoughtful Gardening” by Robin Lane Fox. I had not heard about this book and when I saw that it was a book written by a British gardener about British gardens, my first thought was maybe I should exchange it. But I love to read and the more I looked through the book, the more interesting it seemed; especially since the President of the New York Botanical Garden and one of my favorite garden book writers, Penelope Hobhouse, highly recommended “Thoughtful Gardening.”

I am so delighted to have received this fantastic book of 80 essays on gardens and flowering plants. A book that is not only interesting to read once, but one that is a fantastic source of information to own. If TheGardenLady’s British readers have not read “Thoughtful Gardening”, I especially recommend your reading it.

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Gardening Books

Photo by joeysplanting

I don’t know when gardeners and people who buy gardeners’ presents for the holidays start shopping for these presents, but I thought TheGardenLady’s readers might want to look at some books to buy as presents or drop some hints to friends about certain books you or they might wish for. So, to that end, here is a list of some companies that publish gardening books- in alphabetical order.

The first publishing company that I love for books of all kinds is DK Books. Their gardening books are excellent. One book they print and sell that garden lovers would want to own is DK’s “A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.”

A second publishing company for gardening books is Fulcrum Books. One book that TheGardenLady thought looks interesting on their list is called “Culinary Gardens: From Design to Palate”.

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