2010 Garden Conservancy Open Days

Garden Conservancy Open Days in Mattituck & Cutchogue, NY by justmecpb

This is the time of year to visit the Garden Conservancy Open Days private house gardens.  Please don’t miss taking advantage of this opportunity to visit America’s best private gardens. You are in for a treat. If you love visiting gardens, you get a peak at some of the most wonderful gardens in this country. If you want to landscape your property, you can get out to see how others have done it. If you want to just see novel plantings or to find something new for your garden, don’t miss these Open Days in your area. The Open Days are available in 20 states across the nation and in the District of Columbia.

The 2010 Open Days season began in early April and extends through the end of October. Usually you can get to see a few gardens on one date since many gardens are in the same area. Go online to see some of the dates.  See here.

Gardens are open in California on May 22nd. Philadelphia has some gardens open on May 23 in the Chestnut Hill area. Portland, Oregon has Open Days on June 5th.  Chicago, Il has Open Days in July. I have just mentioned a few of the open Days.

There is a small entrance fee that helps to support the Garden Conservancy Program.

Hollister House (9) by KarlGercens.com

The Garden Conservancy has done more than any other national institution to save and preserve America’s exceptional gardens for the education and enjoyment of the public and by your visiting the Open Days Garden, you are helping to save and preserve these exceptional gardens. They support great gardens such as the Hollister House Garden one of the most beautiful English style gardens in the United States. How do they do this? One example happened in 2005 when George Schoellkopf signed an agreement with the Garden Conservancy and Hollister House Garden Inc. binding him to donate the entire property, including house, garden and twenty-five acres, either during his lifetime or through his will, to Hollister House Garden Inc. This magnificent garden is in the Litchfield hills of Conn.  See here.

If readers of TheGardenLady blog have visited or visit any of the gardens during Open Days, please let us hear what you think of the gardens. Your photographs would be greatly appreciated. So please send them for all to see.