What to do with your plants when you go on vacation


TheGardenLady received this question from Steph.

I am going away for 4 weeks from mid-July and I don’t know what will happen to my plants! I can’t get anyone else to water them and I am afraid they will die…I’ve been nurturing them for about 1-3 years now…I have a ficus/rubber plant (Ficus elastica ‘Robusta’), a yucca (not too worried about this one) and still young/small Cycas revoluta/Sago palm. The sago palm is already suffering as one of its leaves is turning increasingly yellow, and I never know if this happens because of sun burn or lacking/excessive water. How can I ensure my beloved plants (I’ve even named them!) do not die while I am away? The only outside space I have is a small balcony which is west-facing and is battered by the sun from the early afternoon onwards (and is subject to temperamental UK weather).  

Going on vacation and leaving plants can be a serious concern. 4 weeks is a very long time to leave plants untended. Two weeks is about the longest time that plants seem to be able to tolerate. You are really trying to “push the envelope.”

I have been told that bonsai growers will rent a van and pack all their bonsai in the van and drive with the bonsai wherever they go when they go on vacation. Of course, this is an extreme measure, but it is a suggestion.

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