What do you do in a drought situation?

Drought by Bert Kaufmann

Be sure your plants have a good layer of organic mulch to retain as much moisture as possible.

If your town does not allow watering your garden during the drought period there is not much you can do. People and animals come first.

If you are allowed to water, remember that the best time to water is in the early morning hours before the sun comes up and temperatures start to rise. Water as close to the ground as possible so that the water gets to the roots of the plants. Water deeply, not superficially. If you cannot water early, next best is to water after the sun goes down in the evening. Again water close to the ground. If water stays on the leaves, fungus can grow – that is why morning watering is best for the water to evaporate off any watered leaves.  (see here)

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Preparing the Garden for a Drought

Summer is here. The main jobs in the garden are weeding, WATERING and deadheading.

Those of us in the Northeast have been having the mildest summer this GardenLady has ever experienced. July feels like May; the weather is so Springlike.

TheGardenLady has been watching the weather reports for many parts of the country that are having a major heatwave. She does not know how to best advise gardens experiencing 100 degree plus days in your area where watering plants is prohibited.

Contact your local county extension office to see if they have any special suggestions.

There were some things one could do before the drought. Should things straighten out and you want to plant new plants, consider them when you plant.

Water Jelly Crystals by Baok
Water Jelly Crystals by Baok

Water crystals or beads (hydrogels) are sold as a means to help hold moisture in potting media. They can absorb multiple times their weight in water. Usually they are hydrated (beads or crystals are put in water before putting them in the soil) and mixed into the medium before planting. One company that sells this product is Plant Health Care Comapny.

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