Botanical Gardens

Festival of Lights at the Van Dusen Botanical Garden by Kim Yeoh

The weather outdoors might be frightful but the Botanical Gardens in this country and in Canada are warm and welcoming. If you are looking for something to do with your friends, beau or family this Christmas season, don’t forget to check out the Botanical Gardens to see what displays they have. Many have spectacular shows- some with both flowers indoors and lights outdoors. Videos of two of last year’s Botanical Garden shows are on this post and a few other Botanical Gardens Christmas extravaganzas are listed here. And remember if you are going abroad this holiday season, there are beautiful decorations that you may be lucky enough to get to see.

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Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

This past summer TheGardenLady went to Maine with her family. The first night we stayed in a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Snow Squall Inn that my son found serendipitously on line. The owner Paul Harris is not only a professional chef, but he loves to garden. He was originally from England where, I think, gardening is in the genetic makeup of the people. We arrived later than expected, but Mr. Harris came out to greet and welcome us. Upon learning that I was interested in Gardens, he told me about a new botanical garden in the area that he said shouldn’t be missed. How right he was.

The Coastal Maine Botanical Garden opened in 2007 on 128 acres of pristine land with 3,600 feet of tidal shore frontage in Boothbay. They were then gifted more land adjacent to the original 128 acres so that ” Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is now comprised of 248 acres, which makes it the largest botanical garden in New England. The property boasts nearly a mile of tidal salt water frontage. It is also one of a very few waterfront botanical gardens in the United States. ”

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Where You Can See Snowdrops (Galanthus)

snowdrops, ghiocei - Galanthus by john stanbridge

TheGardenLady received this question from Charlotte.

Can you tell me where you can see snowdrops (galanthus) in the US – I cannot seem to find any listings except yours for Winterthur – if you can help, I’d be really grateful.

Check out the public Botanical gardens in your area to see if they have spring flowering bulb gardens and call them to see if they grow Galanthus-Snowdrops. Gardens that have spring show gardens should have Galanthus. Gardens such as the Denver Botanic Gardens (see here)  or the New York Botanical Garden may have them growing among their spring bulbs. Or contact the Missouri Botanical Gardens to see if they can recommend a garden with Galanthus. If you call any of the Botanical Gardens you should be able to ask for a list of the plants they exhibit.

Snowdrops in the perennial garden at the NY Botanical Garden - First spring flowers by annabelleny

Join the American Horticultural Society and contact them to take tours of gardens or learn of spring gardens you can visit to see Galanthus. Or contact the Horticultural Society in your area. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, for example, gives great tours of gardens that you could take to see spring bulb gardens.  See here.

Join the Garden Conservancy and visit gardens during their open gardens days. Private gardens are often open to the public on these days. One of the gardens that often shows during open garden days is David Culp’s private garden. Culp, a famous breeder of Helleborus, loves Galanthus and has them growing in his delightful garden in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.