12 Things To Do In Your Garden In April

Butchart Gardens in April by mmmee (on flickr)
Butchart Gardens in April by mmmee (on flickr)

Eager to get out to work in your garden? There are many things one can do in April. This list is especially for those who live in the mid Atlantic states where the temperature range is from the 50’s to the mid 60 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately between 10 and 20 degree Celsius). If your area is still too cold or already too hot, some of these suggestions may be too early or too late .

1. Have your soil tested – best to go to your local Master
Gardener/Agriculture extension service for the test kit – see here.

2. Improve your soil with organic matter- use your compost if it is
ready – see here.

3. If you are using it, incorporate pre-plant fertilizer now – see here.

4. Plant roses – see here.

5. Prune roses as soon as buds begin to push – see here.

6. Plant perennials and cold tolerant annuals – see here.

7. Divide late blooming perennials – see here.

8. Plant trees and shrubs

9. Fertilize trees and shrubs if needed – see here.

10. Prune trees and shrubs but not the spring blooming trees and
shrubs- correct all winter damage by pruning – see here.

11. Start seeds indoors – read the seed packet (don’t start tomato
seeds too early- see here.)

12. Plant cool-season vegetables – see here.