2012 Rutgers Ramapo Tomato Seed‏

Famous Rutgers Ramapo tomatoes by Chester Garden Club

If gardeners are interested in getting the Rutgers Ramapo seed to plant in your garden in 2012, a tomato that is supposed to give you a taste of what tomatoes had tasted like when I was a child, check out the Rutgers website.

I believe that the tomatoes my parents raised were some of the best tomatoes ever grown. The taste was incredibly delicious. My mother would can them whole and they were delicious right out of the jar. I always joked that my husband married me because of my parents’ tomato crop. Or maybe it wasn’t a joke…..

Rutgers has attempted to breed that old tomato. So when they introduced the “Ramapo”,  it was the tomato that was supposed to be like that wonderful old tomato that I grew up with on the farm.

TheGardenLady thinks it is a good tomato, but it doesn’t have the acidity so beloved in the tomato from my parents’ farm. Still if you like this tomato or want to try the Ramapo, you will have to check out the Rutger’s website to see when it will be available.

The ‘Ramapo’ seed should be ready in late March or April. If you would like to receive updates on the progress of the seed, e-mail Ramapotomato@njaes.rutgers.edu with “2012 Ramapo waiting list for Home Gardeners” in the subject line.

In the meantime, the ‘Moreton’ tomato seed will be available in January. TheGardenLady has never tried the ‘Moreton’ tomato to tell you what I think of it.

TheGardenLady would be interested in knowing which tomatoes readers like best.

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