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Zephyr Zucchini


TheGardenLady received this question from Kelsi.

I have a volunteer zucchini plant that popped up in my garden this year. However it is producing a bicolored zucchini I cannot identify.  It is green on the blossom end and yellow on the vine end.  Any ideas?

How exciting to have a zucchini volunteer. I hope you have tasty zucchinis.
One seed cataloge that has bicolored zucchinis is from the company Johnnyseeds.  Their’s is light green at the blossom end and yellow at the stem end.  It is called Zephyr (F1) Product ID is 2217.  Check out out the catalogue    
TheGardenLady spoke to a friend about bicolored zucchinis. This vegetable gardener spoke about buying hybrid seeds and having some of the seeds in the packet not growing true to labeled form.  Also, when hybrid seeds come back the following year like volunteer plants in your garden or compost, even though the last year’s product was a certain type, that seedling that returned might not grow true to form. Thus the volunteer might turn out to be a bicolor or some strange looking plant or vegetable. Only heritage vegetables will give seeds the following years that will be true to what you expected. 

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  • The Zephyr zucchini is a great one to grow. I grew the same squash from seeds I got from Johnny’s Seeds.

    I love the color and flavor, and am a big fan of zucchini in different shapes and sizes, including my favorite – UFO shaped.

  • Thanks for your endorsement of the Zephyr zuchinni.

    The Garden Lady loves zuchinni. One of my favorite methods and easiest way of preparing zuchinni is to warm your favorite oil (olive oil, butter, canoloa oil, whatever) in a frying pan. Wash and slice the zuchinni into thin rounds- leaving the skin on but discarding the stem and flower end. Put the cut up zuchinni in the pan with salt, pepper and dill seeds to taste (You can add some thinly cut or chopped onion and garlic if you wish, but it isn’t necessary) Cover the pan- do not add any fluid- and let the zuchinni steam. Check to see if the zuchinni is soft. I let it get a little caramalized, but that is not necessary. It just takes a few minutes to cook, so watch carefully so that the zuchinni doesn’t burn. So easy to prepare and the combination of dill seed with zuchinni is delicious.

    This Garden Lady is a big fan of Jonny’s Selected seeds http://www.johnnyseeds.com/

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