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Which Grass Is More Acid Loving – Weeping Nutka or Zebra Grass?

Zebrinium – (Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’) by Jasmic

TheGardenLady received this question from Jackie.

Are ‘weeping nutka’ or zebra grass acid loving?

Weeping nutka and zebra grass are two different grasses.

The pH of the soil tells how acid, neutral or alkaline the soil is. Most plants seem to tolerate a wide range of soil conditions.  See here.

Zebra grass  Miscanthus sinensis will grow in pH conditions of 5.5 which is moderately acidic to 8 which  is moderately alkaline.

Weeping nutka grass Microlaena stipoides is Australia’s most important native grass. It needs a very acidic soil – something lower than 5.5 with the best pH being around 3.9.  See here.

It sounds like such a lovely grass and one source to buy it in Australia is

Microlaena stipoides or weeping grass might grow in the US in a shaded area where mosses grow.  Has any North American reader had success with Microlaena stipoides?  Please let TheGardenLady readers know.

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