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Where to Buy Snowdrops

snowdrop sign of Spring by algo

TheGardenLady received this question from Vlad.

I would love to buy some snowdrops for my girlfriend but I could not find them  anywhere. We are from Europe and we used to enjoy the snowdrops every spring

Galanthus or Snowdrops seem to be much more popular in Europe than in the U.S. It is sad that so few Americans have the pleasure of this charming plant growing in their garden to welcome spring.

I have to assume that this writer is from Europe but presently living in the US and is looking to buy Galanthus or snowdrops in the US. I am also assuming that the writer wishes to purchase either the plants or the bulbs to give to his girlfriend. (TheGardenLady does not know the names of any florists in the US that sells snowdrops as cut flowers though some of the more expensive florists might be willing to order them from Holland for a customer.)

I recommend Carolyn’s Shade Garden for those who want Galanthus plants. If you contact Carolyn please tell her that TheGardenLady recommended her.  Read this.

If you want to buy bulbs, there are some excellent catalog companies that sell them. But bulb catalogs usually have sold out their fall supply of Galanthus bulbs. You can always order them later in the year to plant next fall for blooms the following spring. Contact them to find out when they will have a new supply of snowdrop bulbs.

Two great bulb catalogs that sell Galanthus-Snowdrops bulbs are Van Engelen

And the second excellent source is John Scheepers, Inc. for galanthus bulbs.

You can also contact van Bourgondien or White Flower Farm

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