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When to plant raspberries

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Someone asked TheGardenLady when is the best time of year to plant raspberries.

The best time to plant raspberry shrubs is early spring as soon as the soil can be properly prepared. You should plant the raspberries in an area that receives 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. If you want good information about planting raspberries, Ohio State University Extension has an excellent fact sheet.  Though the raspberry shrubs will grow in many soils, the best soil for raspberries is sandy loam soils well supplied with organic matter.  They like a well-draining area of slightly acid soil. Loamy soil is best for growing most plants. If you do not know what loam is check here.  Raspberries must be kept free of weeds, watered when necessary, fertilized and pruned.  (see here)

It is never good to plant most plants in the heat of the summer. Plants need moisture and if they are fighting the elements, like heat and drought,  small, young plants will be the first to succumb.

That being said, if a friend is giving you free raspberry plants or you see a bargain for raspberry plants that you cannot resist, of course you can try to plant the plants whenever and water them and hope for the best.  Don’t be upset if you lose the plants; but you may be lucky and they might survive the rigors  of the weather.

But if this is a question from someone who can wait to buy the best plants, get them in early spring in your area and then plant them.

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