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Three Beautiful Gardens: Stourhead, Saihojo and Keukenhof

stourhead by pshab

This post is about two other wonderful gardens from two countries that love their gardens that TheGardenLady has visited and one garden I dream of visiting.

One can spend a lifetime visiting all the fabulous gardens of England. England has got to be a or the gardeners’ paradise. I will mention other English gardens in other posts.

The first garden is really a landscape garden in England. This is a park that has all the dreamy vistas that anyone could wish for and you can also get delicious scones with clotted cream in the park. This garden is Stourhead, a landscape garden that is said to have transformed forever the way gardens were made.


Since this is a landscape garden try to visit when the rhododendrons are in bloom to see flowers. It is such a romantic location, one of the movie versions of Pride and Prejudice was filmed here.

Going around the planet to Japan, another country that is a garden lover’s paradise, a must visit is to Saihoji otherwise known as Kokedera, a moss garden near Kyoto.This is part of a Zen temple so you have to apply in advance for permission to enter and “you have to contribute to the observances of kito and shakyo (respectively, the chanting and copying of Buddhist scriptures, called sutra).” Then a wish one makes is supposed to come true by the end of the year. It took a few years until my wish came true; but now my new wish is to someday return to this amazing garden. (see here)


If you want color, perhaps a visit in the fall to see the color of the fall foliage .

A museum curator and artist once told me that green was the most difficult color to use in painting. God or Mother Nature uses green magnificently, as shown by the gardens above. No color is as tranquil, serene, peaceful, calming and meditative.

A garden this GardenLady has never visited is Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Holland. I must return to Holland just for this spring garden which was closed the last time I visited the country. Keukenhof Gardens is probably the most famous and most beautiful of the spring gardens with bulbs.

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