Friday, May 6th, 2011...3:40 am

TheGardenLady’s Spring Garden

This GardenLady loves Spring- when the world looks so lovely with all the flowers emerging from their sleep. l would like to share photos of some of the flowers that are in bloom in TheGardenLady’s spring garden.

(1) Hellebores with Brunnera and Greater Celandine (see here and here) Greater Celandine is becoming invasive in some areas (see here)

(2) Hellebores

(3) Korean Spice Bush or Mayflower Viburnum Viburnum Carlessi (see here)

(4) Virginia bluebells Mertensia virginica (see here)

(5) Hellebores and epimedium near the deck (see here)

(6) Hellebores, epimedium and violets

(7) Hellebores and a daffodil

(8) Japanese red maple and dogwood opening

(10) Wisteria on fencing – (this plant comes from my childhood farm)

(11) Dogwood fully opened

(12) Crabapple flowers just opening- they are almost gone by now

(13) Another shot of the wisteria

(14) Variegated Solomon’s seal (see here)

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