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TheGardenLady Loves Readers’ Comments

Comments by miss miah

TheGardenLady does not really like her blog to be about her personal thoughts unless they pertain to something that relates to an issue she is writing about. The premise of the blog is to discuss or help people with gardening issues, ideas and suggestions. Also, there is the hope that readers will share in these discussions.

But please allow TheGardenLady to get personal when she writes how much she loves when people write in comments.

I enjoyed hearing from  the person who wrote about the importance of the honeybee and how long they have lived in this country.

The honeybee history is very much the history of the first settlers to the US.  See here.

I agree on the importance of the honeybee. Every day I love to examine the pollinators on the plants in my garden hoping to find healthy honey bees returning. Today I was so happy to find two honey bees happily gathering the nectar and pollen.

Mostly I see other pollinators that I encourage and hope that gardeners will encourage to their gardens. When we make our garden environments good, clean and safe all the pollinators will be healthy and do their jobs. This GardenLady hopes that honeybees will make a full recovery. There is no question that we need them and miss them.

I was delighted with the comment about the Pacific dogwood. I was so excited when I went to Yosemite two years ago and they were still in bloom. I heard this year was a fantastic year for the Pacific dogwood and that it was in full bloom much later.

And TheGardenLady was appreciative of the information on Slug Bells, something I had never heard about. They look like a pretty addition to the garden as well.  TheGardenLady loves learning about new (and old) things and methods to improve gardening.

Even though I may not have responded to each comment TheGardenLady wants to give a big Thank You for all your comments. Please keep them coming.

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