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The Science of the Exotic Fruit World

Annona cherimola (Cherimoya) by Arthur Chapman

TheGardenLady had written a post about exotic fruits found around the world. Today’s post is an update in what is happening in the science of the exotic fruit world.

The cherimoya or custard apple is said to be “the most the most delicious fruit known.” The reason it wasn’t commercial is because it had too many seeds. But plant scientists may be able to get rid of the seeds. They compare the custard apple to the banana. All the bananas in the market are seedless but did you know that in its native state the banana had 100 seeds?

Hopefully soon that ” most delicious fruit known to man” the cherimoya or custard apple will be tasted by all of us to see if we agree with that designation. That is because plant scientists may have figured out how to get rid of all the seeds.

In the recent Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences there is an article about research funded by the Spanish government, the European Union and the National Science Foundation showing that researchers have studied a relative of the cherimoya from which they may be able to eliminate seeds.

These are exciting times in the plant breeding world that will bring new and exciting plants, vegetables and fruits to our homes. Will we eventually taste the fruit from the Garden of Eden?

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