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The Master Gardeners of Michigan Need Help


TheGardenLady just learned distressing news for people who live in the state of Michigan who love plants and love to garden but have questions about gardening or about insects in the garden or in the home. TheGardenLady has written about an organization called the Master Gardeners that offers free advice about gardening, plants, including trees and insects both indoors and outdoors. The Master Gardening program helps people across the country and in Canada and a few other countries with this free advice. Master Gardeners also help beautify parks and gardens in their states and/or teach about plants and gardening. Because the Master Gardeners are educated volunteers, this service has been free or perhaps there was a nominal cost- like for soil testing kits in NJ. It is offered through the county that you live in – through the agricultural extension, your state agricultural school.

The article TheGardenLady read that so upset her was in the Upper Michigan News by TV6 & FOX UP . The article wrote “For about 150 years MSU extension offices in every county have helped people get information about a wide variety of subjects. It was actually part of the deal when the state received federal money to create Michigan State University. Today MSU extension receives state federal and local money to cover their costs. ”

Now, after all these years, this wonderful service might be terminated because of the budget. Please read the entire article on this dire news for people in Michigan. The Master Gardeners are volunteers but they need an office to work out of, phone service and printed material, etc. If MSU won’t have any money in their budget, where will the Master Gardeners go to help the public?

TheGardenLady read this article about the problem and would like you to read the article to see what is happening. There is another article that you can read to learn how you can help prevent this from happening.  And there is a petition you can sign if you live in Michigan to tell your government how important the program is for you and why you wish it should be saved.

If any of TheGardenLady’s readership is in Michigan or if my readership knows people who live in Michigan, please contact them immediately and tell them about what is happening. Tell them to read the articles and see if people in Michigan will get involved and see what they can do to keep the extension service there to help. This has to be done immediately- two weeks time is all there is.

Good Luck.

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