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The Irish Shamrock: Growing a Piece of Ireland

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For many gardeners, especially those that live in cold-weather climates, the looming weather can make gardening a bit of a challenge. The cold temperatures, short supply of sunlight and hard, frozen soil add up to create a difficult hobby—unless, of course, your crop of choice is Shamrocks.

The shamrock is the official symbol of Ireland—a three-leafed old clover, most commonly used to represent your Irish-ness on Saint Patrick’s Day. But not only Ireland stakes a claim; Montreal, Canada’s flag has a shamrock located in the lower right quadrant, proudly representing its Irish heritage.

Call it the luck of the Irish, but the winter months represent the ideal time for the indoor growing of Shamrocks. When planted now, the Shamrocks will pop up within 2-3 weeks and provide a spot of green to brighten up any room, from a kitchen table centerpiece to a window ledge. The Shamrocks continue to grow until they flower, and with St. Patrick’s Day in March, a handful of Shamrock seeds planted now will be at peak just in time for the celebration and wearing with pride.

Thanks to an FDA-approved product, you can now grow Irish Shamrocks where they are most at home—in authentic Irish soil. For more information on how to grow real Irish shamrocks and to have a tangible piece of Ireland for gardening this winter season, visit here – www.auldsodgifts.com.

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