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The EasyBloom Plant Sensor

Today on televsion, TheGardenLady saw a new product that the company that invented it thinks might revolutionize gardening. It is called The EasyBloom Plant Sensor. The company claims that this device that looks like a plastic flower on a stick which is selling for
approximately $56 to $60 will:

  • 1     Determine which plants will thrive in a specific spot in your yard or home.
  • 2     Diagnose an ailing plant so you can bring it back to health.

You stick the device into the ground near an ailing plant or at a gardening site where you want to plant and leave it in the ground for 24 hours. Then you take it out of the ground and insert a part of the stick into your computer which will give you a read out. I don’t know whether the software costs extra money – you seem to sign up for it on the website to activate it. I would be curious to know how much information it gives out. And I hope the device is reusable.

Presently the way to get this type of plant or gardening information in the US and Canada, is to buy a soil kit at numerous places that sell gardening supplies or on the computer or at the local Master Gardener office.

At the Master Gardener Office you buy a soil kit for $10 to $20, take it home and follow the directions in the kit which tells you how to dig out some soil, fill the bag with the soil and send this bag with soil to your state agricultural school where it is diagnosed and the results are mailed to you. You can always go to your Master Gardener office with the sheet of results if you need help understanding what the results mean and what you have to do to correct or amend your soil.

But the EasyBloom website seems excellent just for their library because they say they have and you can “Access detailed plant information on over 5000+ plants; create a custom plant library of your favorite plants.”

If any readers do purchase this high tech gardening device, please let TheGardenLady and her readers know what you think of it.

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  • The website is free. I’ve read a fair number of the comments on Amazon on the product and it looks pretty favorable.

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