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The Dry Dip Method for Propagating Hardwood Plants, Trees or Shrubs

Ume, Japanese plum by autan

My favorite fanciful tree creators, Pooktre Tree Shapers, just notified TheGardenLady that they have put a new video on their website. This video shows how to propagate new trees from branches of the wild plum trees that they use for most of their living tree sculptures. They will be using these newly started trees for making more of their delightful tree sculptures. Readers will see how easy it is to propagate hardwood plants, trees or shrubs.

The method being used is called the dry dip method and is a very simple way to get more plants for your garden. You can use the technique to propagate other plants that you might want to grow in your garden. For example, if a friend has an old variety rose bush, you might want for your garden, you can try propagating some roses from the stems.  See here.  You want an older variety of rose to be sure it is growing on its own rootstock, so that your new rose will look exactly the same as the parent.  See here.

The hormone powder TheGardenLady uses is Rootone, which, as the advertisement says, has been used for a long time. I use Rootone because my mother had used it successfully. A little goes a long way. You should be able to buy it in a nursery or the garden section of the hardware store.

There are other types of propagating methods.  See here. Propagation is a fun project that even kids will find fascinating; though some patience is needed to wait and see if the propagation takes and roots do grow. But if you follow the simple instructions, you should have a high success rate.

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