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Thanks for the Comments

Thanks You flower boquet by judy1223

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TheGardenLady is delighted with comments from her readers. So keep them coming. I thank you. It shows that the articles the TheGardenLady writes are welcome, appreciated and enjoyed. Even if the reader is not so appreciative, TheGardenLady wants to hear from you to know what Garden items would be of interest in the future.

TheGardenLady may not be able to acknowledge all the comments, but
today’s column is to show her appreciation of the comments and to tell her readers to read the comments.

Joe’s comment in response to Deer Proof Plants is about a product to prevent deer damage. The product is made out of bloodmeal. TheGardenLady once called a company that made a similar product.

TheGardenLady did not use the product because she has had such success
with the products she uses. However, it is recommended that one changes the deer proofing products to really discourage the deer. Deer are intelligent and they learn quickly which products just fool them, so they go back to eating the plants. So confuse them completely by changing what you use and Plantskydd could be the alternative spray. But be wary. Plantskydd also  works like a fertilizer. After using it for a while there may be a build up of too much N. Too much N will give you a beautiful green plant but few flowers. Still check Plantskydd out. Perhaps you will have the same success Joe had. And it is an organic product.

“Deer Proof Plants”

Joe ‘s Comment: A good all-natural product that can be sprayed onto your garden plants to stop the deer from doing their taste testing would be Plantskydd. Here is a good online resource.

Another comment TheGardenLady received was from a company called
CoolGardenThings. The owner, Raquel, enjoyed the column Garden Shows in the US and Abroad. And TheGardenLady enjoyed her website of garden things and plans to write columns on Sculpture Parks or “planting” art or artlike objects in smaller gardens. TheGardenLady has birdhouses, a hummingbird feeder and a Victorian globe in her garden but would love more “things.”

Garden Shows in the US and Abroad

Raquel’s comment: This is an awesome idea. I am a professional gardener and never even thought of this. Thanks for some good tips!

The final comment was written because of TheGardenLady’s articles on her tour of Japan. But it also is a site that could be of interest to someone who wants to know more about Bonsai or where to get Bonsai related items.
TheGardenLady plans on writing some other columns about the Japanese
Gardens she visited.

“Chrysanthemum Bonsai in Japan”

Misho’s comment: You are very fortunate to have visited such beautiful gardens inJapan. I have been a bonsai enthusiasts for many years and I’m day dreaming of going to Japan. Congrats.

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