Friday, June 13th, 2008...8:08 am

Summer Care for Encore Azaleas

For those of you who are enjoying Encore Azaleas in your gardens, the Encore Azalea company sent TheGardenLady this email with advice on summer care. Encore Azaleas are the azaleas bred to bloom in spring and throughout the summer.

The heat of summer can be harsh on all plants, and we at Encore Azalea(R) would like to help you prepare.

Keep a watchful eye on the moisture level of the soil around your Encore Azaleas. The shallow fibrous roots like to be moist, but not saturated. A mulch of pine bark will help hold moisture near the roots, as well as protect the roots from the harsh rays of the sun.

This is your last chance to prune for the season. Any heavy pruning should be done immediately after your Encore Azalea’s spring bloom cycle. Remember only to prune lightly in high heat.

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From your friends at Encore Azalea(R)

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