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Stony Brook Orchids – A great place for orchids


TheGardenLady loves to let her readers know about excellent nurseries she thinks her readers would like to know about as well as flower shows that her readers would enjoy.

One such nursery is Stony Brook Orchids,  an orchid business in Pennington, NJ, that specializes in Phalaenopsis orchid plants of all colors and sizes, including the more unusual yellows, art shades, stripes, spots and more.  The nursery also sells miniature Cattleyas, one of the small treasures of the orchid world with plant height generally under 6 inches (flower spikes taller on some varieties) as well as Oncidium orchids.  And the nursery sells orchid-growing supplies, such as potting mix, fertilizer, etc.

The owner of Stony Brook Orchids is Susan Gange who says that she bought her first orchid in 1978 and promptly killed it, having relied on the rather sketchy orchid-growing information available to the hobby grower at that time. A couple of years later, she tried again, with much better success. So much success that this hobby resulted in a business.

Not only does Susan sell the orchids (she mails orchids if you don’t live near NJ)  she also lectures and teaches about growing the orchids that she sells. It is her hope that, based on her many years of experience in growing orchids on windowsills, under fluorescent lights, and in a greenhouse, she can help you to succeed with these beautiful, long- flowering plants.

Susan Gange’s experience includes being a past president of the Central Jersey Orchid Society, a member of the American Orchid Society and the International Phalaenopsis Alliance, secretary of the Delaware Valley Orchid Council, and in her free time, a Mercer County Master Gardener.

Susan has had her orchids win awards in judged contests. She has trained others to win orchid awards. And on the other side of the award table, Susan has been a judge of orchids, including the time she went to Taiwan, a country of orchids and orchid lovers, to attend an International Phalaenopsis Alliance Symposium and visit the orchid show. While in Taiwan she was invited to be a member of the team judging the Container Orchid Division and also voted on the show’s Grand Champion orchid.

Susan shows her orchids at many orchid shows and will have her orchids at the upcoming Longwood Garden Orchid Show at the end of March (3/28-3/30). Orchid lovers should not miss this awesome event.

On the Stony Brook website–click “Show Schedule”  to see a list of places where you can see and meet Susan.

Susan has promised TheGardenLady that if orchid questions come to this site, she will help answer them.


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