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Some Flowers in the TheGardenLady’s Garden on Mother’s Day

photo 1Photo 1

Photo 1: Snowball Bush Viburnum that is in a garden overlooking the woods and stream on the property. Because this Viburnum is the focal point and the area is shaded, TheGardenLady is trying to make this a White Garden. The major plantings have “whitish” flowers. There are Korean Spice Bushes and a Fothergilla that just finished blooming. I just planted a white Hybrid Musk rose that I hope will bloom in this shady garden. Someone wrote that everyone should have a white garden. The most famous White Garden is in England, created in the 1930s by Rita Sackville-West in her garden called Sissinghurst.

photo 2Photo 2

photo 2Photo 2

Photo 2: My front garden has color and this is the Chinese Tree Peony I bought from Cricket Hill Nursery. This year it has a dozen pink flowers. What the photo does not show is that it is surrounded by blue wood hyacinths and blue cammasias.

photo 3Photo 3

Photo 3:  The path leading to my front door is planted with daffodils and pansies. Even though the plant does not last long where I live, I love pansies. To get more flowering, I plant them in the fall and they return in the spring- then die when the weather gets hot.

photo 2Photo 4

photo 4Photo 4

Photo 4: A side garden with colorful plants. This photo shows two azaleas and a Scarlet Heaven Intersectional peony in bloom near a giant hosta. The photo does not show the dicentra, bleeding hearts and the anemone sylvestris, spring anemone that are in bloom in front. (The tree is an ornamental flowering crab apple.)

photo 5Photo 5

Photo 5: Is a close-up of a Wisteria that is growing as a Standard Wisteria Tree. TheGardenLady also has one growing as a vine on a fence.

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