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Silver Lake Nature Center: Award Water Garden Tours

Back Yard Water Garden by ranhar2

Have readers of TheGardenLady blog ever wanted to build a pond or water garden on your property? Or are you someone who has a pond or a water garden and wants to see what others are doing with theirs? Or are you, like TheGardenLady, someone who just loves to visit gardens of all types?

Well, if you are in the Bristol, Pa area, the people at  Silver Lake Nature Center know that many people would just love to have a chance to see backyard water gardens. So in the past they have created award winning water garden tours.  And this year, again, they have arranged a “Water Garden Tour” where visiters can enjoy the beauty of water gardens,  ask questions, share ideas, or just enjoy the beauty of trickling water and tranquil fish. These tours will be held Sunday July 18 and Sunday July 25. 11am – 5pm. You need to buy tickets which are sold on line here.
Once at the above site, click on “About the Water Garden Tour” for more information.
Below is a photo of Silver Lake Nature Center:

Daybreak on the 4th by mike@bensalem

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