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Searching for the perfect garden hose

Garden Hose by MoHotta18

I wish I could use a drip hose. I think drip hoses are the best for two main reasons. One is that the water goes where you want it without wasting water through evaporation or spraying overhead water on plants that don’t like overhead watering. The second is that once you lay out the configuration of the hoses, you do not have to do anything more than turn on the water.

But my property does not allow for drip hoses. So I have to buy regular hoses. And the strange way my property is, I have to buy longer and longer hoses to reach all the plants on my uniquely shaped garden.

Well hoses kink. And when they kink, no water flows. And it drives me crazy when the hoses kink when I am watering and I have to walk back to straighten the hoses out so the water will flow again. I seem to have to buy longer and longer hoses and this means when one kinks, I have to walk back to straighten out the kink, which always seems to happen in the first hose. It is fine to get exercise but on hot days one wants to get in the air conditioned house as soon as possible after watering the flowers. But straightening out the hoses slows one down.

I have so many hoses. I keep trying to buy new and different brands of hoses. But all the hoses I bought kinked on me. Finally I bought a hose that said professional quality hose. The thing was so heavy, I could barely carry it. Surely professionals do not have the time to un-kink their hoses, I thought. Wrong. This hose kinked up on me when I finally got it to straighten out from the coil shape it was in. And to drag it was a killer; it was so heavy. It was an expensive waste of money.

One son who saw me struggling with my hoses, begged me to try the new infomercial hoses that they show on TV expanding when one puts water in them and then wrinkling up and contracting when the water is turned off. I am skeptical about infomercials. But I had tried so many other hoses I thought why no try this new hose.

It was so lightweight, I couldn’t believe it. I still wonder if it would continue to hold up. It didn’t seem to wrinkle back into such a small shape as the one on TV did not does; it seems to be as long as they say, but I did not measure to see. But those things don’t bother me. What I love about these hoses is how lightweight they are so that you almost feel like you are not working when watering AND unbelievable to me after all these years of struggling with hoses, they do NOT kink. I don’t think this hose seems to have the pressure the heavier hoses have but the lightweight and kink-free quality of this new hose makes watering a breeze to do.

I do not sell this hose or promote the product for any remuneration, so I can unbiasedly say that I recommend this new hose. It makes my hosing so much easier. Why hadn’t they though of this earlier? Have you tried this hose? What do you think of it?

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