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Sansevierias: Where to Keep Them – Inside or Outside?

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TheGardenLady received this question on her post “Taking Care of Your Mother-In-Law’s Tongue Plant“.

I’ve had the Mother-In-Law plant for about 3 yrs, and kept it outdoors. I’ve been told its good to have these types of plants indoor, say, the office, as they give out plenty of oxygen.  Please advise whether it’s a good idea to put this plant in the office and what care should be given to it.

Green plants give off oxygen. That is why they are so important. Any and all green plants give off oxygen both indoors and outdoors. So plants would be good to have in your office environment as well as in your home.

If you decide to dig up your Sansevieria and bring it indoors, whether you bring it into your office or into your home, treat it with benign neglect. Don’t over water it. Keep it out of direct sun.

But most people bring the plants indoors that don’t grow outdoors or that only grow outdoors part of the year. Since you live in a zone where Sansevieria grows outdoors, let it give off oxygen outdoors and bring a plant to your office that is more exotic. Hopefully you have a window in your office that is near your desk. Check your local nursery stores to see which plants they would recommend for an indoor office space. Let them know what direction the window faces where you will put your plant – noth, south, east or west. Is it a sunny window sunny or is it shaded by something like a big tree outdoors or another building? How cold is the temperature kept in the office? Some plants don’t like it too cold or too hot. Will someone water the plant if needed when the office is closed or you are on vacation? And be sure that no other office worker has any allergies to plants. Though TheGardenLady does not know of any allergic reaction to plants that just sit on a windowsill, today so many people have allergies, it is best to check.

Let TheGardenLady readers know about your choice of plant for the office. A photo would be nice.

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