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Royal Horticultural Society Garden Hyde Hall Flower Show: Aug 13-15, 2010


Blue stemmed thistle – RHS Hyde Hall by Scootzsx

Are readers of TheGardenLady blog going to be visiting England this month or do you live in England? Lucky you! because you have the opportunity of attending the RHS Garden Hyde Hall first-ever flower show this August 13 through the 15.  See here.

It sounds fabulous. Besides the displays there will be experts answering questions, plants and shrubs for sale besides garden items for sale. Wish I were there. If you attend, could you send TheGardenLady some photos and write something about what you thought of the show?

While at the show, if you have any time, you can also explore Hyde Hall which is a 360-acre estate with a diverse range of self-contained garden areas.  Because Hyde Hall is located in one of the driest places in England, a highlight is their Dry Garden featuring more than 4,000 plants representing 730 species and cultivars, developed to promote sustainable gardening techniques.  With the drought in so many parts of the globe this summer, it would be interesting to learn what Hyde Hall recommends.  TheGardenLady would love to know what is included in the 4,000 plants in this Dry Garden other than cactus.

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