Thursday, December 21st, 2006...1:37 pm

Requesting seeds and plants from the Garden Lady

Pho_chan wrote the following to me:  

Bonjour Madame de Jardin, Je suis étudiante en biologie et je m’intéresse beaucoup à l’aconit napel,plante sur laquelle je suis en train de faire un mémoire d’études.  Pourriez-vous m’envoyer un échantillon de la plante ou quelques graines pour que je puisse la faire pousser moi-même? Je vous en remercie.

Since I don’t speak French, I had this question translated by a French friend.  It turns out that Pho_chan is making a request for Aconitum napellus- Monkshood- seeds or plants.

I am sorry to tell you that I cannot fulfill any person’s request. The Garden Lady writes this column as a labor of love, not as a business. The Garden Lady does not endorse any products nor personally sell any products, nor does the Garden Lady mail any product or plant. However, I mention products and show websites where things can be found. A person who is a biology student should have access to websites or nurseries in his/her own country. But if there is no such site or nursery in your country, one  of the best herb seed companies is Richters Herbs located in Canada.

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