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Replanting Marigolds

Pot Marigold by Rachael Hickling

Pot Marigold by Rachael Hickling

TheGardenLady received this question from Susan:

I have marigolds in a pot which have died.  Can I replant them in an outside garden? If so shall I just take the whole plant out of the pot and dig a hole in an outside garden and put them in it.

Have the marigold flowers died? Or is the entire plant- the flowers, the leaves and stem- dead?

If only the flower has died, the dead flower contains the marigold seeds which, when dry, can be planted in the ground – or planted in pots indoors. Or if the plant is alive and just the flower is dead, you can snip off the flower and plant the entire plant in the soil.

Not knowing where you live, I can not tell you the planting time. Marigold seeds need warm weather and lots of sun to grow. So if you live in a hot climate where there is no winter, you can plant the seeds now. But if you live in a climate where it is now fall, save the seeds to plant in the late spring after the last frost.

HOWEVER, if the entire plant has died, you cannot save it by planting it outdoors. You will have to toss it out.

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