Wednesday, December 5th, 2007...3:23 pm

Protecting Encore Azaleas from the Cold


TheGardenLady received this message from Encore Azalea:

Cold temperatures are quickly approaching and Encore Azalea® would like to help you prepare for winter’s frost.

Azaleas, like most plants, may need protection during freezes and extremely cold weather. If you feel that your Encore needs protection, any cloth material such as  burlap, old blankets, or sheets can be used to cover your plant.  It is recommended that you drive stakes in the ground around your Encore and drape the cloth cover over stakes.  Foliage in contact with the cover can be injured, so try to minimize cover contact with plant. 

Mulch heavily to protect the Encore Azalea’s roots.  Also, reduce water before the first frost.  Then, after a couple of hard freezes, water well to provide moisture.  This will help the plants to go dormant, or “harden off”. 
For more information on Encore Azalea®, please visit this site.  

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  • Reducing water in the fall helps the plant go dormant. Watering heavily after a hard frost or two provides moisture during the winter to reduce the effects of drying winds during any warmer periods.

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