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Pollinator Plants

This spring, TheGardenLady just planted a packet of organic Sunflowers Helianthus annuus Lemon Queen (see here). These sunflowers are known to attract numerous kinds of bees and butterflies. And after they have finished blooming, I can save the seeds to plant again the following year as well as give seeds to friends so that more gardens will have a good host plant for more pollinators.

But in my garden I also have many other native plants, as well as nonnative plants, that pollinators love to nectar on. These include:

Buddleja davidii butterfly bush
Asclepias tuberosa butterfly weed
Asclepias incarnata milkweed
Monarda Bee balm
Kniphophia red hot poker plant

Scabiosa pincushion flower

Of course, TheGardenLady has many more pollinator plants, but the above list was considered among the best plants for attracting pollinators. For a more complete list of pollinator plants for your area, go here.

What are you, dear reader, doing to attract pollinators to your property that you would recommend others to also do?

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