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Planning a Vegetable Garden


Though TheGardenLady’s garden has herbs and a few vegetables tucked in the small sunny areas of my garden among the flowers, alas, with all the trees on my property, I do not have enough sun that most vegetables and herbs require. I also have rabbits that are hungry. They love vegetables. And even though I spray with Liquid Fence which says it can be used on vegetables, the rabbits seem so hungry they are nibbling plants. But if I had the sun, ThisGardenLady would love to experiment using vegetables more interestingly in garden design. I can envision leaf lettuces used as border plants snaking around my garden beds.



TheGardenLady had attended a talk with slides by Lloyd Traven the owner of Peace Tree Farm – a wholesale nursery in Bucks County.  He had used leaf lettuces planted decoratively in planters. One design was of purple and green lettuces planted in half barrels in concentric circles. (see here)  There were other patterns in other containers. These displays were as pretty as any containers with flowers. (see here)

If you want to try to create designer containers with lettuce or any of the green leafy vegetables, because they are cool weather crops, this is the season to plant them for harvest in 4 to 6 weeks and then you can plant a second crop for spring harvest. (see here) If you do plant leaf lettuce, you will need to water frequently and be sure to give some fertilizer. (see here)

Please, if you do create beautiful gardens using vegetables, send in photos to share with TheGardenLady.

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