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Photography and Gardens

garden by Sanches90s

Photography and gardens go together like bread and butter, green eggs and ham, meatballs and spaghetti. So if you  enjoy plants and gardening, I hope you have a camera handy to take photos of your plants and gardens and the plants and gardens you visit. Since photos are to share with others, how about sending some of your best shots to TheGardenLady blog so that readers from around the world can all see your photos. We will list your name with the photos if you wish. We would love to know where the photo was taken and if it is a plant, what the plant name is.

If you want to take photos but do not know how, two blogs that give free advice are here and here.  or  Also, check out various gardens, garden shows or garden symposiums to see if they are giving some lectures or workshops on garden photography such as the one at the Atlanta Botanical Garden (see here).

If you take really outstanding garden photographs, you may want to enter a garden photography contest like the International Garden Photographer of the Year sponsored by Kew Gardens (see here).  Or it is not too late to enter the Orchid Mania photo contest in Cleveland (see here).

There are many plant photography contests but you will have to contact them to find out when the next date is for entering your photo and the theme of the contest. is an amazing photography site where TheGardenLady gets most of her photos for her blog.  And if you want to enjoy other sites with photos of flowers and gardens, here are some international blogs with flower photography:

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