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Peppers bring color to the Garden

ornamental pepper by megrje

Another vegetable suggestion for the flower garden or the front yard vegetable landscaping is the miniature or the dwarf hot or sweet pepper. Once again the gardener has the choice of the ornamental variety which may or may not bear edible peppers or the edible pepper plants. But why bother with the ornamental pepper when there are so many pretty edible pepper plant options? There is a huge selection of  edible pepper plants that have green, red, yellow, orange and almost black peppers that grow against the pretty green leaves of the plant. The shapes of the fruit are varied and can either stand up or hang down. How decorative can those choices be?

Peppers in garden by Martin LaBar

Many plants look like Christmas decorations. Look at this photo of  Chili Pepper Prairie Fire pepper  . Could any ornamental be prettier?

Thompson & Morgan has many darling pepper plant choices including miniature sweet peppers. Check out sweet pepper Mini Belle  in the Park Seed catalog and the sweet Redskin peppers or sweet pickle peppers.

TheGardenLady will list a few of the numerous catalogs where you can find these pretty pepper plants.

Check out the other varieties in the Park Seed catalog, because Park Seed Co has so many choices, like the Cajun Belle Hybrid pepper or the Marbles pepper or the Tepin Peppers.

Other catalog suggestions are this or this that has a black pepper fruit for the garden or for Burpee peppers check out Sweet Tangerine Dreams.

When buying peppers that look ornamental, check to see that they are edible. Many of the ornamental types were bred for show not for eating and are bitter. These posts on front yard gardening with vegetables have been about having your show and eating it  too- your front yard landscaped in pretty vegetables that are edible.

These darling miniature or dwarf peppers can be planted among the flowers, in containers or in your front yard vegetable garden.The garden that will fool people into thinking you have flowers when all the while you are harvesting food for your gourmet meals.

Since pepper plants are generally planted in the spring after the last frosts, (peppers like good drainage, warm temperature and sun all day)  you will have ample time over the winter to check out all the catalogs to decide which of the pepper plants you want to plant in your garden. The fun will be in the choices- do you want sweet or hot and if hot, how hot? What color or shape?

What a great garden you will create with these little show pepper pieces.

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