Sunday, June 10th, 2012...6:17 pm

People Enjoy Rhododendrons and Azaleas in TheGardenLady’s Garden

Rhododendrons and azalea by London looks

In the last two posts(here and here), TheGardenLady talked about the hellebores and peonies in her garden, flowers that make people  stop and ooh and aah.  Today she will talk about some more flowers in her garden that have the WOW factor.   These flowers are rhododendrons and azaleas.

Rhododendron and Azaleas by David Le Masurier

I am grouping these two together because rhododendrons and azaleas  are in the same family. I prefer Rhododendrons because you see more leaves on the plant when the flowers are in bloom,  but both can knock your socks off when in flower. I know that I love to drive around just to see these plants in bloom in gardens. Can you ever see a greater explosion of color?

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